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Halo Electronics

Signal and power magnetics for LAN, telecom, DC/DC converter circuits, and high voltage isolation applications

Holy Stone

General purpose, Automotive MLCC Capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitors, Through hole Disc Capacitors  

Orion Fans

Orion Fans AC fans, DC fans, EC fans, fan trays, fan accessories, motorized impellers and blowers


Passive character and monochrome, a-Si and LTPS-TFT LCD, AMOLED products


Small Signal Switching Solutions; Reed Switches & Relays, Relays, and RedRock MEMS based Reed Switches.


Crystals, Antennas, Real Time Clocks


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors, MLCCs, and Discrete Semi


Resistors, Resistor Networks, Circuit Protection, Inductors, EMI/EMC Filtering, LTCC


Low-profile and high-density electronic connectors, robust connectors for high current electrical applications, cable assemblies.

TDK Lambda

Power Supplies: AC/DC, DC/DC, EMI Filters