Dixie States: Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina

Crystals, Antennas, Real Time Clocks

Crystals, Antennas, Real Time Clocks

Batteries for portable and wearable market. Medical / Industrial / Consumer / IoT / Lith-Poly / Li-Ion / LiFePO4 / Li-SOCI2. Rechargeable and Primary Battery solutions Specializing in Shaped and Curved Cells. Single Cell and Full Pack Options. Protection and Charge PCB BMS Designs

Small Signal Switching Solutions; Reed Switches & Relays, Relays, and RedRock MEMS based Reed Switches.

Low-profile and high-density electronic connectors, robust connectors for high current electrical applications, cable assemblies.

Resistors, Resistor Networks, Circuit Protection, Inductors, EMI/EMC Filtering, LTCC

Custom & standard magnetic solutions (NC, SC, TN, AL, MS)

Switches, relays, and analog sensors for automotive, building automation, communications, energy, industrial, medical, mobile, & test (AL, West TN, MS & FL)

PCB Manufacturing, Cables and Plastics for low and high volume customers

Chipset and system level products for wireless networks and Smart Energy Solutions

DRAM, FLASH, Solid State Drives (SSD), TFT LCD Displays, Wireless Modules

Wireless Solutions, Analog/Mixed Signal, EMI Filtering, EEPROMs, Micro Controllers, Power Management, Sensors/MEMS, Protection Devices, Smart Card ICs, Thyristors & Switches, Transistors, Diodes

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors, MLCCs, and Discrete Semi

Wireless technology to control and monitor anything from anywhere.

Power Supplies: AC/DC, DC/DC, EMI Filters